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Spain’s first “solar + energy storage” hydrogen production project unveiled

The multinational natural gas company Enagás and Spain-based battery supplier Ampere Energy have signed an agreement to start producing hydrogen using a combination of solar and battery energy storage systems.

It is reported that the two companies will jointly carry out several research and development projects to produce renewable hydrogen for their own use by natural gas plants.

The project they are now planning will be the first in Spain to inject hydrogen into the natural gas network, backed by a small-scale energy storage system. The project will take place at a gas plant operated by Enagás in Cartagena, in the southern province of Murcia.

Ampere Energy installed the Ampere Energy Square S 6.5 equipment at its Cartagena facility, which will provide new energy storage and smart energy management solutions.

According to the two companies, the installed equipment will allow Enagás to maximize the energy efficiency of the Cartagena gasification plant and reduce its environmental impact and its electricity bill by up to 70 percent.

Batteries will store energy from the photovoltaic system and grid and will monitor this energy. Using machine learning algorithms and data analysis tools, the system will predict consumption patterns in factories, forecast available solar resources, and track electricity market prices.

Post time: Mar-31-2022