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Energy storage lithium battery manufacturers forecast: energy storage battery development trend

1. Energy storage lithium batteries have broad application prospects in regional energy projects
The development of my country’s comprehensive energy market is expanding, and various localities have accelerated the establishment and construction of many comprehensive energy service projects. Especially new energy power generation (such as wind power, solar photovoltaic power generation, etc.), there will be more and more distributed and fluctuating power sources. The lithium battery energy storage system can provide energy backup, coordination and other services for these energy projects, improve the balance of energy generation and consumption process, and ensure the stable operation of the energy system like a stabilizer. By using the application of energy storage technology, it can not only effectively solve the problems of “abandoning wind” and “abandoning light” in the past, but also smooth the output of the power grid. From the perspective of local policies, thirteen provinces and autonomous regions including Qinghai, Xinjiang, Tibet, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Jilin, Shandong, Shanxi, Hubei, Hunan, Henan, Anhui, and Jiangxi have successively issued supporting policies, which have promoted the development of solar energy storage and wind energy storage. According to the planning and construction progress of energy, Xinya lighting believes that “new energy + energy storage” has begun to become the “new standard” of energy projects.

YT1 2300CN Xinya large capacity energy storage battery

2. Lithium batteries grow with household energy storage systems
Household lithium battery energy storage system is a small auxiliary power station that assists households to coordinate the use of new energy and urban power supply. Although it was originally based on the rigid demand for emergency electricity, if the home energy storage system can be combined with other new energy power generation systems such as solar energy to form a new energy smart grid, New Asia New Energy believes that this model will have the potential in the future. broad development potential. Because such systems can utilize valley electricity and new energy to achieve cost-effective electricity consumption, they can not only be used as emergency power sources, but also save electricity bills because they can effectively balance peak/valley electricity consumption and reduce costs during periods of high electricity prices.

3. Benefiting from the growing demand for 5G base station backup power, the application of energy storage lithium batteries has accelerated
Energy storage lithium battery is not only an indispensable part of 5G and data center infrastructure, but also an important infrastructure for the development of the data industry in the future. It is expected that the subsequent market demand will increase rapidly. With the advancement of 5G base station construction and renovation projects, the demand for backup power will inevitably increase. If the average design power consumption of a 5G base station single site is 2700W, and the emergency is often 4h, it is predicted that there will be 14.38 million sets of lithium iron phosphate battery demand for energy storage of 155GWh.

YT4850CN new sub-power level energy storage battery

Fourth, the cascade utilization of energy storage lithium batteries is a 100 billion-level market

Benefiting from the accelerated popularization of electric vehicles and power tools, New Asia New Energy foresees that more and more power lithium batteries will need to be replaced and eliminated in the future. It is expected to form a new blue ocean of 100 billion level. The lithium battery industry is also promoting recycling systems and industry alliances related to power lithium batteries to achieve economies of scale and more centralized and effective recycling and reuse. Assuming that the total amount of lithium iron phosphate batteries that can be used in a cascade of decommissioned batteries is 25%, and the power-to-energy ratio in the energy storage project is calculated at a ratio of 1:5, these are enough to meet 80% of China’s electrochemical energy storage needs. This also means the possibility of a 100 billion-level market being born.

Xinya lighting Co., Ltd. (an energy storage lithium battery manufacturer), to sum up for everyone, is that lithium batteries have obvious advantages in energy storage, and have huge demand potential in power generation, electricity consumption, communication, emergency power supply and other fields. More energy is welcome. People with lofty ideals join the energy storage lithium battery industry to shine, and more people are welcome to use energy storage lithium batteries.

Post time: Mar-31-2022