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1KW Outdoor Portable Lithium Battery

Short Description:

3.2V, low voltage design, safe and reliable.
With LiFePO4 battery, high safety, long lifespan.
1. Cast aluminum case,keep safe,stable and durable.
2. Can work in about 70℃ high temperature.
3. Over 5000 times cycle time.
4. BYD battery cell can keep good quality.
5. Get CE,Rohs,UL,UN38.3,MSDS certificates.
6. 3 year warranty gives customers peace of mind.

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Product Profile

Lithium iron phosphate batteries have developed rapidly in recent years. The main structure of a lithium iron phosphate battery is a battery cell, a casing that encapsulates the battery core, and a cap for packaging. As the negative electrode of the battery, the positive electrode sheet is electrically connected to the cap to use the cap as the positive electrode of the battery. At present, due to its own advantages, lithium iron phosphate batteries have been widely used in various fields such as energy storage devices, electric vehicles, electric bicycles, and power tools.

1kWh solar system can be charged by solar, to store the electricity, with inverter built-in, can directly supply the power to the electric appliances when power outage. It is one comprehensive storage system integrating generation, storage and usage. Unlike generators, 1kWh solar system need no maintenance, no fuel consumption, and no noise, make your home lights always on, home appliances always run. It is easy to install, simple design, and perfect fit for a variety of architectural styles, apply for family, business, industry, architectural, planting, field work, camping tourism,night market, etc.


Product Parameters

Model EES-SPS 1KWh    
Storage Capacity 1024Wh Standard Capacity 80AH/12.8V
USB Output

Two output 5V/2A, 9V/2A

DC Output

Three output 12V/2A

Car Charger Output


Type Output


Charge Voltage


Cut Off

2.5V single cell

AC Output Power


AC Output Frequency

50Hz; Pure sine wave

Self-Discharge(25°) <3%/month Depth of discharge >80%
Cycle Life >5000 times(<0.5C) C-rate discharge <0.8C
Working Temperature -20℃-70℃ Recommendation Temperature 10℃-45℃
Product size 317mm*214mm*204mm Warranty 3 years warranty

Product Feature and Advantage

LiFePO4 batteries have the advantages of high working voltage, high energy density, long cycle life, good safety performance, low self-discharge rate and no memory effect.
Our battery all use cut aluminum case,can keep safe and anti-shock.all battery within battery management system(BMS) and MPPT controller(Optional).
We get below certification to help customer to win global market:
North America Certificate: UL
Europe Certificate: CE/ROHS/REACH/IEC62133
Asia & Australia Certificate: PSE/KC/CQC/BIS
Global Certificate: CB/IEC62133/UN38.3/MSDS



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